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Good Blood Pressure Keeps Us Sexy (and other benefits)

Maintaining your blood pressure at a level of no higher than 120/80 provides many specific benefits to your body.  When your blood pressure is normal, the arteries have retained their shape, size, and elasticity, thereby allowing blood to flow freely without strain throughout the body to all organs.  When blood is allowed to flow in its’ natural manner, the bodies’ organs and systems can optimally function, allowing you to thrive in so many ways!

A No Brainer

Maintaining normal blood pressure will help ensure that oxygen rich blood will be delivered to the brain, allowing you to stay sharp, decreasing your risk of risk of vascular dementia.

Blood Pressure is Sexy

When blood pressure is normal, enough blood can be delivered to the sexual organs (for both men and women!)…and who doesn’t want that?

A Virtuous Cycle

A hormone that helps regulate blood pressure is produced by healthy kidneys.  A healthy circulatory system will help ensure that the kidneys continue to produce this hormone, which will in turn help blood pressure continue to stay within normal limits.

Its Easy to See 

Surprised to see that blood pressure has an effect on your vision?  Both the tiny blood vessels in the eyes and the optic nerves benefit from the lack of strain that normal blood pressure provides.

Take it to Heart

A heart that is pumping blood with normal pressure doesn’t have to work under continuous strain.  Keep your blood pressure within normal limits and your heart will happily pump away with less risk of cardiac problems.

Make No Bones About It

Normal blood pressure helps keep your bones strong and healthy by keeping calcium in the bones where it belongs instead of it being excreted in the urine.

The healthy behaviors suggested by the American Heart Association of eating healthy, exercising, limiting or avoiding alcohol and tobacco, and reducing stress will go a long way towards keeping your circulatory system working in a healthy normal state, your blood pressure normal, and you living a longer healthier life.

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Diana Garcia

Diana thinks things through for us. She likes to be organized. She helps maintain the order and calm in a busy place. Before joining Balance, Diana was a health educator and health program coordinator for a large multi-specialty medical group. She is always looking for (and finding!) the lessons and opportunities life has to offer. With a degree in Psychology, she is the ideal person to lead our mindfulness classes and support groups.

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