Bring Your Workout With You

Summer is a busy time. Let us help you keep it healthy.

We know how easily busy summer schedules can derail your exercise routine.  I mean, besides meeting visiting friends for breakfast at NoSo Vita, and enjoying BBQ’s in between our surprise rain storms–it’s also vacation season!

The best thing you can do when your social calendar picks up is make sure your workouts are scheduled before anything else. Treat it just like any other meeting. This will help you keep your consistency. Also remember, if you have visiting friends or family they are welcome to join you at Balance. You have five guest passes to use whenever you choose.

But what if you’re headed out of town? Keep those vacations active–and pack a Balance Health workout and all the equipment in the corner of your suitcase. By using body weight and resistance bands you can get a great workout anywhere! Here’s a free workout for you.

Download a free Balance “Anywhere Workout” right here. (PDF file, 2.12MB)