Circuit Training

The Benefits of Circuit Training

Circuit Training

Circuit Training at Balance Health of Ojai

Circuit Training is considered a highly efficient and versatile workout strategy. It is an ideal workout when trying to cut body fat while still maintaining muscular strength. Circuit training blends both resistance training and aerobic exercise in a “circuit”, or series, of exercises. It is an effective workout strategy that shares its general philosophy with Interval Training and CrossFit, which are different in their preferred staged exercises.

Participants of circuit training move between a number of timed stations, targeting alternating areas of the body with resistance training. Resistance builds muscular endurance. A well-organized circuit, like at Balance Health, shifts body regions between stations. This allows the fatigued muscles time to recover while maintaining a raised heart rate.

In a circuit training model, the amount of resistance tends to be lower than other strength workouts, just 40-60% of your one-time maximum effort. This decrease is then balanced with higher repetitions. For instance, if the highest amount of weight you could lift in a given exercise is 25 pounds, in circuit training you would lift just 10 pounds but repeat lifting that weight for the duration of the timed 30 seconds. By doing this, you also maintain a raised heart rate for the length of the workout which adds the aerobic benefit.

Because of circuit training’s efficiency a full workout can be completed in as little as thirty minutes. The circuit at Balance Health Center of Ojai is designed to accommodate all levels of fitness, with the opportunity to customize the workout for your specific goals. We have staff that are happy to walk you through the stations and answer any questions you may have.