5 Ways to Stay Motivated

The hardest part of a workout plan is almost never how much weight you lift or getting through a new cardio class. The hardest part is staying motivated. Without a strategy for dealing with these lulls in enthusiasm, we can find ourselves running errands instead of running on a treadmill. It is essential to our long-term health that we do what seems like it should be the easiest part–to just show up at the gym. Below are some tips that can help.


Think of how good you feel after a workout. It is a rare workout when you don’t feel great afterward. Exercise produces endorphin, a chemical in your brain that reduces stress and can bring on feelings of euphoria. Besides all this, knowing you did something good for yourself makes you glow the rest of the day.

Come with a friend. Rely on a friend’s energy to get you moving on a day you feel less than enthusiastic. Our workout community at Balance Health is one of our greatest motivators. Come to the gym and catch up with friends!

Set goals. Goals help focus our effort and motivate us toward an endpoint. Make it specific, like improving time in a balance exercise from 15 to 30 seconds. Balance Health staff can help you set your personal goals.

Change your routine. Doing the same exercises every day can get boring. Consider taking a class or ask a Balance Health trainer how you can spice up your workout. We can help you get off that plateau or change exercises to meet specific goals.

Put it on your calendar. “Meet the accountant.” “Buy dog food.” These are the sorts of things that can derail a workout. Like anything else important in your life, make sure it has its own block of time. Treat your workout like a true appointment and  schedule around it. Don’t trade your ongoing health for less important tasks.