Opening Letter

For Labor Day, I wanted to personally thank Megan Edwards and the staff of Curves for their tireless labor of love. Megan helped to nurture a place of trust, friendship, and empowerment for all the women that stepped through her door. This could not have been created without an honest caring for each of you that chose Curves as your gym. We wish her the greatest success in the future.

Over the next two weeks we’ll be getting the building prepared as both a gym and physical therapy practice. We expect to have all the sawdust cleared and the gym reopened on Monday, September 15. Before that, if the door is open please feel free to stop in and say hello.

Perhaps most importantly, we are just finalizing all the new fitness program details–including new workout opportunities, gym hours, and pricing. Watch for an email in the next few days that will fill you in on everything that is coming.

So, the name has changed. The paint on the walls may be a different color than what you remember. Furniture will be moved around the room. There will also be a number of changes based on the feedback you’ve provided us. Yet despite all the changes, our goal for your gym remains the same as it ever was; to give you a place where friends dedicated to one another’s well-being can meet. We look forward to giving this back to you.

Though it is with understandable sadness that we say goodbye to Megan, I am grateful for the chance to become the newest member of your wonderful fitness community.

Kathy Doubleday
Balance Health Center, Ojai