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PhysioMoves at Balance Health

Helping at Balance

This is a big moment for us. For the past three years we’ve delivered fitness geared toward a lifetime of movement. We’ve built a collection of highly adaptable exercises and classes built on evidence-based research and proven clinical results.¬† We’ve encouraged proactive healthcare. We’ve promoted a way of eating that doesn’t include the word “diet.” We consider it our mission to filter through all the fluff and find you the most effective fitness, nutrition, and therapeutic programs available.

We are excited to introduce our most dynamic offering yet.¬† PhysioMoves is part workout, part education, and all fun. Built around a familiar timed-circuit approach, each station is balanced with the others for a perfect whole body workout. It is an hour of fitness spent discovering your body’s potential while maintaining our “start where your are” attitude. We’ll work on all components of physical movement including strength, flexibility, balance and endurance. The class is led by a Balance Health Coach, guiding you through the exercises and answering any questions you have. Every week the stations change, to surprise your body and engage the mind–the best possible approach for optimal results. You’ll learn the smartest approaches to exercise, and discover ways to maintain a healthy, active life.

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Tuesday at 7:15AM, NOON and 4:15PM

Thursday  7:15AM, NOON and 5:15PM