Strength Training

Small Steps, Big Changes

If you are carrying extra pounds, just a small step toward your healthiest weight will yield many health benefits. A common mistake for those trying to lose weight is to set a goal that is unrealistically high, setting themselves up for failure or a rebound of increased weight gain. At just a 5%-10% decrease in weight, improvement can be seen in the areas of blood pressure, diabetes prevention, cholesterol levels, and quality of sleep. That means a person who weighs 200 pounds can reduce their risk of heart attack and stroke, and improve their overall quality of life by losing just 10 to 20 pounds. That’s the balanced way to a better life!

If you would like more pointers on reaching your healthiest weight, please join us at a BalanceWise Nutrition class, included with your membership. We will help you set sane goals, pass along terrific recipes, avoid common pitfalls, and achieve your goals without starving yourself.

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