Tom Farmer

Member Spotlight: Tom Farmer


Tom Farmer knows about the “breaks” in life…both literally and figuratively.  He grew up in the projects in Ventura and was raised by his Mom along with three other boys.  Three weeks after graduating from high school he was drafted into the Army where a large truck ran over him, leaving him hospitalized for nine months.  Years later, he broke his back, then femur, and after that, ended up having both shoulders, knees, and hips replaced. 

Tom also knows about and practices both perseverance and gratitude.  “I look at other people around me and think how fortunate I am to be in the situation that I am in, knowing that I am able to come in here (Balance Health Center) and there are other people who are not able to come in.”  Tom has been coming to Balance Health Center since it opened three years ago.  He focuses on quality of life and working hard to take care of his health.  He is a firm believer in feeling that little burn that lets you know you worked out.  His exercise regimen includes spin bike sessions, the weight circuit, and our newest class, H2O body sculpting.  “The first thing I do is jump on that bike for 30 minutes and get those endorphins going.  I try to change it up so I don’t get bored.  I do the circuit training but sometimes I go forward, sometimes I go back, sometimes I go across, I just try to change it up as much as I can.  Three times a week; it’s a commitment, once you make that part of your day you try not to let anything disrupt it.”

When asked how he gets through any moments of low motivation that might come up, Tom explained that he consciously goes back to the mindset of gratitude and perseverance if there is temptation to say, “I’m not going to work out today.”  “I have my good and bad days but I work through it”, he said.  Although pain is a constant companion and he can’t do all the things he could do before, he focuses on what he can do.  “I focus on what I can give to others, like driving veterans to their appointments, helping raise my granddaughter and others around me who are less fortunate.”   

The health benefits Tom has reaped from his dedication are clear: ““My cholesterol went way down to 175. My glucose was starting to be prediabetic and the doctor told me to exercise more and it went down.  Of course, just coming here translates into improving your diet too, I drink a lot of water, my body fat went down and it’s good psychologically for me.  It’s helped my stress, my flexibility, and my sleeping is better.”

Tom’s favorite things about Balance Health Center are the many offerings and the constant addition of new things.  He also appreciates the warm atmosphere: “It’s like a big happy family here.  People who work here really care and it’s neat to see that.  I look forward to coming here, it’s a great place! 

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