We’re Moving Things Around

Here we go again…we think you’re going to like this one. As Balance Health grows, we continue to create more opportunities for maintaining a lifetime of movement. With our calendar of events and classes growing we started to look at the layout and how we could reshape things to best meet your needs.

We never really liked the classes being smack in the middle of the building. We realize how distracting it could be to both gym members and class participants. But we didn’t have a better solution…until now!

We will begin by flipping the gym and classroom areas. By doing this we’ll create a more traditional classroom space that is completely separate from the gym area. This will allow us to have more classes in a less distracting area.

The gym area will continue to have your favorite machines, but in a cleaner, easy to follow linear pattern (see photo). We will also be introducing a couple new stations to replace older machines that are less effective.

The changes will be done in stages so we won’t need to close the gym during the construction process. Over the next month or so we plan to install wood flooring to the new classroom and create a dividing wall for even more privacy. As always, we will continue to evaluate and adapt, making sure we meet your best interests. If you have any questions about the process or timeline, don’t hesitate to talk with any of the Balance Health staff. We’re excited and hope you are too.