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Choosing Physical Therapy

The healthcare team at Balance Health is devoted to changing lives through better movement. Through an individualized treatment plan designed by a Balance Health specialist, you can achieve the same results as surgery without the expense, medications, and side effects. Discover what makes us one of the most trusted physical therapy clinics in Southern California. Learn More

Visiting a physical therapist first is your best option for a long-term solution with no side effects.

Physical therapy treats the underlying causes of your injury versus medications that simply mask the pain.

Cortisone injections can be a quick relief of pain but put you at risk for other injuries.

Physical therapy will help you avoid unnecessary surgery and its complications by improving how you move.

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Balance Fitness Center

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Kathleen Weedon

Stay active for a lifetime.     

The fitness programs at Balance Health are professionally designed to improve the way you experience the world. By building strength and better movement with us, you’ll be ready for every incredible moment life has to offer.

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Simple changes to healthier weight.

With BalanceWise® Nutrition we’ll teach you everything you need to eat great for a lifetime. We rely on the latest research to help you reach and maintain a healthy weight, lower your chances of chronic disease, and boost daily energy.

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