The gym at Balance Health provides a variety of equipment and exercises geared to keeping you strong for a lifetime. We focus on four key areas of movement essential to maintaining a high quality of life.

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Fitness Center

The Balance Health Fitness Center includes everything for a self guided workout. We have station-based circuit training, spin and recumbent bicycles, and equipment for improving flexibility and balance. Don't know where to start? Balance Health Coaches are always available to help.
  • Strength Training

    Building muscle helps protect us from injury and keeps our metabolism revved up.

  • Flexibility

    Flexibility maintains our freedom of movement so we can enjoy the activities we love for years to come.

  • Balance

    Good balance prevents falls and allows us to meet some of life's biggest challenges.

  • Endurance

    Building endurance gives you the energy to accomplish your greatest goals.


Group Classes

BalanceWise Fitness Classes are designed to keep you active for a lifetime. Each class is physical therapist reviewed for optimal benefits in flexibility, strength, balance and endurance. We also have classic favorites like Zumba, Yoga, and Line Dancing!



Our Health Coaches and physical therapists provide an affordable one-on-one experience for reaching fitness or nutrition goals.
strength training

Resistance Training

Our Rebound workout provides an exhilarating alternative to traditional strength training. Unlike traditional weights, bands and tubing don’t rely on gravity to provide resistance. Rebound Bands create resistance in a horizontal plane or any angle in-between. Performing exercises in multiple planes of motion mirrors real world forces on our bodies, strengthening us for the day ahead.

Advanced Workshops

Workshops with experts in their field include Parkinson's Recovery, Optimal Nutrition, and other in-depth ways to invest in your own health.
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Start Where You Are

Haven’t exercised for a while? Our fitness instructors will provide you reachable goals that won’t feel overwhelming. Our flexibility and Pilates-based classes are open to all levels and perfect introductions for beginners.