When I opened BALANCE, I had one goal in mind: to provide innovative, research-driven approaches for better movement. Healthcare is changing, and rather than using an injury as our starting point, we adopted a proactive approach that helps to avoid injury altogether.

With our connection to medical research and practices we've designed programs that create lifelong changes. We are more than a gym. BALANCE is proactive healthcare system helping you to improve and avoid many of the common pitfalls of getting older.



With Keiser Pneumatic Technology, the muscles remain active and engaged throughout the entire range of motion and velocities, with reduced shock loading to muscles, connective tissues and joints, which allows for workout regimens that can safely improve physical performance in ways not seen with traditional strength-training methods.


Our Rebound Workout provides an exhilarating alternative to traditional strength training. With a quick clip to a Rebound “spine”, you can exercise all major muscle groups for a whole  body workout. Unlike traditional weights, bands and tubing don’t rely on gravity to provide resistance. Free weights can only provide resistance in a vertical plane —the direction of gravity. Rebound Bands create resistance in a horizontal plane or any angle in-between. Performing exercises in multiple planes of motion mirrors real world forces on our bodies, strengthening us for the day ahead.



BETTER FORM  Standing, whole-body workout to promote better posture and more efficient exercise

FULL BODY WORKOUT  Works upper and lower body simultaneously

BURN MORE CALORIES Burn more calories than the average indoor group cycling class

EASY AND SAFER ON JOINTS Doesn’t pound your joints like running on a treadmill or the road

ALL LEVELS Designed for users of all ages and fitness levels