Good nutrition plays an essential role in our quality of life. By following the BalanceWise nutrition principles you'll maintain a healthy weight without starving, lower your chances of chronic disease, and boost your energy. We'll teach you everything you need to eat well for a lifetime.

What is BalanceWise Nutrition?

BalanceWise Nutrition focuses on simple dietary changes based on portion size and the quality of ingredients. We create delicious, uncomplicated recipes that are just the right amount.

BalanceWise Nutrition Menu

Ongoing Group Support

Group support is one of the leading predictors of successful nutrition changes. Our groups are warm, supportive, and non-judgemental. They are a place to learn and grow. Included with Balance Health membership, and all BalanceWise nutrition courses.

One-on-One Coaching

One-on-one coaching with a Balance Health Coach will reinforce the lessons and give you greater clarity on your own personal challenges. Sessions are $30.

BalanceWise Essentials Course

Learn the skills you need to never diet again. The BalanceWise Essentials Course is eight weeks. Check with the front desk for schedule. $120.

Mindful Choices Course

Mindful Choices is an eight-week course exploring the very reasons why changing habits is so challenging, and a pathway to finally make those changes permanent in your life. $120.