Dizziness and Vertigo

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As debilitating as it can seem, our highly effective treatment often leaves you symptom-free.

Vertigo and dizziness are two terms used to describe the sensation of physical motion when the body is still. It may feel like you are spinning or falling, or the world is turning around you. Besides being generally unpleasant, it can greatly disrupt your ability to move through your day. It may also create more serious symptoms such as nausea, migraines, vomiting, and sweating. Feeling “off balance” often leads to falls by making it difficult to stand up or walk securely.

Our specialists treat the underlying cause, not just the symptoms.

Our specialists use a variety of clinically proven techniques to relieve the symptoms and reverse the causes of dizziness and vertigo. All have been thoroughly researched in clinical and academic settings for effectiveness. These include:

  • Repositioning Maneuvers of the Inner Ear
  • Vestibulo-Ocular Reflex Training
  • Movement Desensitization and Habituation
  • Cervical Spine Mobilization

Our methods have an extremely high rate of success, and often provide relief in a short amount of time. Better yet, research shows a low recurrence of symptoms after treatment.

We provide long term relief without medication or surgery.

Traditional medical treatment often treats just the symptoms of dizziness and vertigo without addressing the underlying physiological cause. It relies on medications such as Antivert and Meclizine to mask the unpleasant symptoms with some equally unpleasant side effects. Research shows that chronic use of these medications can actually make the condition worse with time.

At Balance Health, we use proven clinical methods to treat dizziness and vertigo that don’t use drugs or surgery. By addressing the deeper cause of your symptoms, our treatments will help you regain the life you had before dizziness or vertigo ever began.

A professional, medical approach.

As an integrated part of the medical community, we often collaborate with your physician, surgeon, family, and others committed to your physical health. You’ll receive a comprehensive neuromuscular evaluation to determine the source and causes of your pain. The physical evaluation is followed by the development of an individualized treatment plan. One-on-one sessions with our therapy staff put your plan into action.

We are a credentialed medical provider for Medicare and major PPO insurance providers. As a First Choice Healthcare Provider, we will research your benefits for you prior to your first visit. No surprises, no hidden costs.

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Dr. Kathy Doubleday DPT, OCS

Kathy Doubleday, Physical TherapistDr. Doubleday is the owner of Balance Health Center. She graduated from the acclaimed Physical Therapy Doctorate program at USC, scoring many academic awards along the way. Since then, she has continued to earn the respect of peers, academics, physicians and surgeons for her thoughtful approach and highly successful patient outcomes. She is a vestibular treatment specialist and educates other therapists around the country in dizziness and vertigo treatment for their patients.

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